Tentative Schedule

Schedule is subject to change!

Friday, August 27th, 2021

  7:00 am  -  5:00 pm    Registration - Preservation Hall Foyer 

  7:00 am  -  5:00 pm     
Book Bag Pick up, Book Bazaar - Presesrvation Hall - 2nd Floor 

  7:00 am  -  5:00 pm     
Anthony Award Voting (located in Registration Area) - 2nd Floor 

  7:00 am  - 10:00 am     
Hospitality Suite - Preservation Hall (Behind Book Bazaar)  - 2nd Floor 

  7:30 am  -   9:30 am     
Speed Dating - Mardi Gras Ballroom D and E - 3rd Floor

  9:00 am -    9:50 am     MWA Event - Riverview Room - 41st Floor

  9:00 am  -   6:30  pm   Book Room/Book Signing  - Acadia Room - 3rd Floor   

  9:00 am -     6:30 pm   
Live/Silent Auction - Acadia Room - 3rd Floor

  9:30 am -  10:20 am     Rising Star Guest of Honor Steph Cha Interviewed by Angie Kim - Carondelet Ballroom -
                                          3rd Floor

  9:30 am -  10:20 am    Favorite Reads of the Pandemic Era - Galerie 1 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator: Kim Batchelor

                                         Panelists: Oline Cogdill, George Easter, Larry Gandle, Dru Ann Love, Donus Roberts

  9:30 am -  10:20 am    Historical: Making History Thrilling - Galerie 2 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator: Jonathan Santlofer
                                         Panelists:  Lou Berney, John Copenhaver, Sean Lynch, Stephen Maitland-Lewis, Sheila York

  9:30 am - 10:20 am      Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing a Series - Galerie 3 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: J. M. Redmann
                                          Panelists:  C. J. Box, Bill Fitzhugh, Matt Goldman, Michael Sears, Kelli Stanley

  9:30 am - 10:20 am     Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? The Big 6 Questions: The Police Investigate; The
                                          Reporters Report
- Galerie 4 and 5 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Martha Reed
                                          Panelists:  Claire Booth, Lori Duffy Foster, K. P. Gresham, James Queally, Rich Zahradnik

  9:30 am - 10:20 am     Setting: Location, Location, Location: Places Are Characters Also - Galerie 6 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator: D. R. Ransdell
                                         Panelists: Nancy Parra/Coco, Jonelle Patrick, Kerry Peresta, Mark Pryor, Rhona Weaver

  9:30 am - 10:20 am     Short Stories: The Thrill of the Moment - Mardi Gras Ballroom ABC - 3rd Floor
                                         Moderator: M. A. Monnin
                                         Panelists: Ted Hertel, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Kim Keeline, Claire A. Murray, Mark Thielman

11:00 am  - 11:50 am    Toastmistress Alafair Burke Interviewed by Rachel Howzell Hall - Carondelet Ballroom -
                                          2nd Floor

11:00 am - 11:50 am     Suspense, Action and Conflict: The Prime Elements of Mysteries, Crime and Thrillers -
                                         Galerie 1 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator: Jan Grape
                                         Panelists:  J. D. Barker, Joshua Graves, Toni L. P. Kelner, Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Jane Stillwate

11:00 am - 11:50 am      Location: The Perfect Setting - Galerie 2 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Patti Ruocco
                                          Panelists: Annamaria Alfieri, Connie Berry, Alexia Gordon, August Norman,
                                                             Carlene O'Connor

11:00 am - 11:50 am     International Mysteries: Using Technology and Keeping It Real - Galerie 3 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator: Paula B. Mays
                                         Panelists: A. R. Ashworth, S. Lee Manning, Sarah Taylor, Elizabeth Wilkerson

11:00 am - 11:50 am    Thrillers in the World of Politics - Galerie 4 and 5 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator:  Noel Hynd
                                         Panelists: Matthew Fitzsimmons, Chris Hauty, Jeffrey Siger, Anthony Tata
                                                           Daco Auffenorde

11:00 am - 11:50 am     Hooking Readers: Great First Lines: What Makes a Page Turner - Galerie 6 - 2nd Floor
                                         Moderator: Stacy Allen
                                         Panelists:  Fleur Bradley, Mary Ellis, Amy Gentry, Jennifer Kincheloe, Frances McNamara

11:00 am - 11:50 am     Thrillers: The Cutting Edge - Mardi Gras Ballroom ABC - 3rd Floor
                                          Moderator: F. Paul Wilson
                                          Panelists: Sean Doolittle, Tammy Euliano, Corey Lynn Fayman, Patricia Gussin, Amy S. Peele

12:30 pm  -   1:20 pm     James Lee Burke Virtually interviewed by Alafair Burke - Carondelet Ballroom - 2nd Floor

  1:00 pm  -   4:00 pm     Hospitality Suite - Preservation Hall (Behind Book Bazaar) 2nd Floor

  1:30 pm  -   2:20 pm      Ali Karim, Fan Guest of Honor Interviewed by George Easter and Friends,
                                          Carondelet - 3rd Floor

  1:30 pm  -   2:20 pm    Creating Suspense: Anticipation, Twists, Cliffhangers - Galerie 1 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Terry Shepherd
                                          Panelists:  Maegan Beaumont, Marco Carocari, Adrienne Giordano, Davin Goodwin, 
                                                               Faye Snowden

  1:30 pm -    2:20 pm    Writing Teams: Duos and the Process and the Challenges Involved - Galerie 2 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderators: Charles Todd (Caroline) and Charles Todd
                                          Panelists: Keir Graff, Traci Hall, Linda Hull, Patrice Wilton

  1:30 pm -    2:20 pm     Psychologial Thrillers: Getting the Suspense and Psychology Right - Galerie 3 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator: Brad Parks
                                           Panelists: Alex Finlay, Alison Gaylin, R. J. Jacobs, Joanna Schaffhausen, Heather Young

  1:30 pm  -   2:20 pm      Objection! Getting it Right: Law in Fiction and Film - Galerie 4 and 5 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator:  Stephen Terrell
                                           Panelists: Mally Becker, Liah Penn, Keenan Powell,  Joseph Reid, Cynthia Tolbert

  1:30 pm  -   2:20 pm    Writing Compelling Short Fiction - Galerie 6 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Shawn Reilly Simmons
                                          Panelists:  José  H. Bográn, Jim Doherty, Gogi Hale, Laura Oles, Linda Sands

  1:30 pm -   2:20 pm     What Lines Won't You Cross in Crime Fiction? - Mardi Gras Ballroom ABC- 3rd Floor
                                          Moderator: Kwei J. Quartey
                                          Panelists: Tracy Clark, Harry Hunsicker, Mary Keliikoa, Andrew Welsh-Huggins,
                                          Michael Wiley

  3:00 pm -   9:00 pm     Show Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal - Carondelet Ballroom - 3rd Floor
                                         (Closed Rehearsal)

  3:30 pm  -  4:20 pm     History and Headlines: How Real Crimes Can Sometimes Inspire Fiction. How do You

                                          Galerie 1 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Mally Becker
                                          Panelists: Susanna Calkins, R. J. Koreto, Karen Odden, Jonathan Putnam, Holly West

  3:30 pm  -  4:20 pm     Hard-Boiled: Not Eggs - Galerie 2 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: J. D. Allen
                                          Panelists: James D. F. Hannah, Steven Jankowski, Josh Stallings, John Vercher,
                                          Scott Von Doviak

  3:30 pm  -  4:20 pm     Military: From the Frontline to the Printed Page - Galerie 3 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Anthony Tata
                                          Panelists: Don Bentley, Ward Larsen, Taylor Moore, Hunter Rawlings, Brad Taylor

  3:30 pm -  4:20 pm      How to Put the "It" in IT: Techno? Tech Yeah! - Galerie 4 and 5 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Ross Carley
                                          Panelists: Judith (Judy) Copek, Blake Crouch, Rob Hart, Mike McCrary

  3:30 pm -  4:20 pm      Dialogue Matters: Slang, Concise or Verbose? - Galerie 6 - 2nd Floor
                                          Moderator: Lucinda Surber
                                          Panelists: Maria Bivins, Con Lehane, Kwei J. Quartey, Roberta Rogow, Ona Russell

  3:30 pm  -  4:20 pm      In the Beginning: Research to Give Your Work Authenticity - Mardi Gras Ballroom ABC - 
                                           3rd Floor
                                           Moderator: Frances McNamara
                                           Panelists: Brian Cliff, James L'Etoile, Allie Marie, Thomas Perry, Travis Richardson

  4:30 pm  -   6:00 pm      Crime Writers of Color Reception- Riverview - 41st Floor

  5:00 pm  -   5:50 pm     Noir/Short Crime Fiction: Writing, Selling, Editing, Publishing - Galerie 1 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator: Michael Bracken
                                           Panelists: Valerie J. Brooks, Jen Conley, Charles Salzberg, John Shepphird, Halley Sutton

  5:00 pm  -  5:50 pm      Crime in a Small, Socially Intimate Community - Galerie  2 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator: Priscilla Paton
                                           Panelists: James T. Bartlett, Janet Finsilver, Leslie Lutz, Cathy Pickens, Kate White

  5:00 pm  -  5:50 pm      Give Your Readers Whiplash: Pacing in Thrillers - Galerie 3 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator: Hank Phillippi Ryan
                                           Panelists: Jen J. Danna, Cate Holahan, Kerry Lonsdale, Rick Treon, Carter Wilson

  5:00 pm  -  5:50 pm      Military: Tanks, Drones, Special Ops? Today's Military Thriller - Galerie 4 and 5 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator: Joseph Reid
                                           Panelists: Brendan DuBois, Al Pessin, Jeffrey Wilson, Tom Young

  5:00 pm  -  5:50 pm      Surprise the Reader: Do Not Betray the Reader - Galerie 6 - 2nd Floor
                                           Moderator: Thomas Roberts
                                           Panelists: J. D. Allen, Allen Eskens, Gale Massey, Brad Parks, Tina Whittle

  5:00 pm  -  5:50 pm      Finding Your Villian: The Dark Side of Humanity - Mardi Gras Ballroom ABC - 3rd Floor
                                           Moderator: Anne Cleeland
                                           Panelists: Leone Ciporin, Sharon Doering, Charlaine Harris, John A. Hoda, Frank Zafiro


  6:00 pm  -  8:30 pm       Charity Auction and Dessert Reception - Bisonnette Ballroom - 3rd Floor

  9:00 pm  - 12:00 am      Mystery "Dessert" Theatre "Murder in Fantasyland" hosted by Heather Graham - 
                                            Carondelet - 2nd Floor

For more information or questions, please call 337 319 5783 or email connie@perryco.biz